Useful Military Resources

Ever wondered what the different signs and symbols on US Military vehicles mean?

Curious about  the history of the military paint colours and camouflage patterns?

Maybe you just want to read up on all things military?

Below you will find links to websites and resources that we have found helpful and useful;

For everything on War time history, this website has some very interesting articles and news reviews well worth a look


Lonesentry includes photographs, documents and research dedicated to the WWII era


Although an E-Commerce site, this website has some useful images and articles regarding the AR850-5 army regulations on vehicle markings and identification


This website is focused on WWII Willys Jeeps, as well as loads of information on these iconic vehicles it also has plenty of info on the history of military vehicle markings


Whether you are interested in Army jeeps, guns & ammo cases, jerry cans, HMMWVs, WW II history, mil electronics, medics, ships, planes, or a wide range of other military subjects, Olive-Drab has something for you


For all military news, features and articles


The Military Vehicle Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to the conservation of Ex-Military vehicles


For information on all the land vehicles the US Military have used, wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list

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