Humvee For Sale in the UK

Most of these surplus military Humvees have been fully refurbished, repainted with US Military spec paint, new soft top kits installed, hoses replaced, full engine inspect and have a valid MOT and are road registered, allowing you to simply drive off in your very own Ex-US Military Humvee.

Not in the UK? No problem. We offer worldwide shipping, so whether you're in Poland, Holland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia or New Zealand - pretty much anywhere - we can usually export a Humvee to you.

US Military Humvee M998 bought from Gov Planet US Auctions and shipped to Australia

1986 M998 HMMWV Shipped to Australia

US $14,100 (AU $18,700/ £10,500)

Ex-US Military Humvee bought through our brokerage service and shipped to Australia

Surplus Humvee M998 For Sale From US Auctions

1986 M998 HMMWV


UK Road Legal and fully registered Original Condition

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1985 M998 HMMWV For Sale HumveeUK

1986 M998 HMMWV - 5,000 Miles


UK road legal and fully registered


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Surplus Camouflage Humvee M998 For Sale From US Auctions

1985 M998 HMMWV - 7,500


UK road legal and fully registered

Refurbished Slantback Humvee For Sale HumveeUK

1992 M998 HMMWV - 2,700 Miles


FULLY Refurbished And Upgraded to Slant-back Configuration
UK Road Legal & Fully Registered

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